Baltimore, MD

Closed August 2019 for $20,000

Seller Testimonial: “Equus Properties worked hard to find a qualified buyer for an Estate property that needed a lot of TLC. Working with Equus Properties was smooth and saved money by not having to pay a Commission for their service!”- K.A., Esq.


Single Family Home

Pasadena, MD

Closed November 2018 for $130,000

Seller Testimonial: “Mike was great to work with, communicated with all activities and if I get a chance to work with him again I definitely will.” -E.K.



SE, Washington, D.C.

Closed June 2018 for $179,000

Seller Testimonial: “My client only had to work with one buyer throughout the entire process of selling his home, Mike Garcia and Equus Properties, LLC. Although my client had rented out the home, which can be difficult for some homeowners to sell with current TOPA laws, Mike and his team worked with us to ensure that everyone got what they wanted out of the deal. The tenant got a brand new home, my client was free from the burden of being landlord, and Mike and his team closed on a property in an up and coming neighborhood. His willingness to present a fair offer to purchase with or without the tenant shows the care that he and his team takes to create a situation where everyone wins. I would recommend working with Mike Garcia and his team if a homeowner is having trouble selling their rented home!”- JF


Single Family Home

Glen Burnie, MD

Closed May 2018 for $151,000


Single Family Home

Glen Burnie, Maryland

Closed May 2017 for $180,000

Seller Testimonial: “Equus Properties, LLC is an top-notched home buying company, committed to excellence and fairness. All of my interactions with Mike and his team were totally transparent and impartial. They were dedicated to expedient and simplistic closing procedures. Thank you Equus for your excellent service!!”- LL


Single Family Home

Fairfax Station, Virginia

Closed January 2017 for $590,000